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Paperbark is a new plant-based restaurant in Waterloo independently owned and operated by industry professionals.

Our food and wine focus is on showcasing small-scale producers and minimum-intervention wines.

  • Plant based kitchen working with native Australian ingredients
  • Looking for core members of the team who are keen to grow the restaurant from the ground up
  • Professional service with knowledge and passion for the food and wine

We are looking for industry professionals who are interested in growing a restaurant from the beginning.

Roles we are looking to fill:

  • Floor Manager
  • Floor staff

Members of the team will have a detailed knowledge of the food and wine and convey the expertise of the kitchen and bar to the guests. The team will be fully supported and trained by industry professionals to be able to give the best service possible.

The kitchen will be pickling, fermenting and using foraged produce to develop unique dishes. We want to involve and educate the team about the creative and seasonally-evolving menu, so this can be conveyed to the guests.

It's a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from experienced chefs and winemakers.

The ideal team members will:

  • have at least two years experience in a restaurant.
  • be passionate and curious about good food and wine.
  • keen to learn and develop new skills.
  • have great communications skills and thrive within a team environment.

Currently, we operate Alfie’s Kitchen. Paperbark will be an organic extension of the last 2 years of catering events. The restaurant will feature native Australian ingredients and naturally-produced Australian wines.   

If you are looking for a fun work environment and a business that appreciates passion and hard work in the hospitality industry, please enter your details in the form below and we'll be in contact. 

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